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Reproductions, replicas, copies and inspirations

Here at Senses Art Nouveau we proudly present only items that are produced nowadays with traditional techniques.

Those articles can have the following origin:

* Reproductions:

The object manufactured today has the same size, shape and finishing touch as the original and the producer uses the same techniques and the same materials that were used at the beginning of the XXth century.

Numerous articles can be reproduced because many producers used already at that time production techniques that allowed the reproduction of the same article even on a smaller quantity.

Reproductions can be found mainly in jewelry and house furnishing.

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* Limited edition:

When the edition of an object is limited in number, this object acquires a greater value toward collectors and then general public. To be a really a limited edition, objects should be individually numbered and a separate certficate just certify this process.
Limited editions can vary from 3 to 10 up to hundreds or thousands.

Limited editions are now founded in every major collector's field from to prints to sculptures and even watches and cars.

* Continous production:

Objects in continous prodution are nearly the same objects as re-editions, except that they are still made years after by the same producer as in the years 1890-1910 (even after mergers and acquisitions of the original companies). Of course there are today only a few producers manufacturers left and they are specialised mainly in pewterware and textile fabrics.

* Replica or copy:

Good replicas are still produced in the same size, shape and with the same materials and finish but with different techniques because either the original has been lost or because it was too expensive to use. Good replicas use the same ingredients and have the same finish than the originals.

Every time there is a need to reconstruct an original decorated ensemble as a room, the replicas help to fill the gaps that otherwise would be too espensive to buy or transport.

Bad replicas are caused by a lack of manual capabilities, the need to limit the final price or the use of bad and cheaper ingredients and not suited techniques.

* Inspiration:

In this case the producer has been inspired by an artist or a style and creates a new product with a special feeling.

Art history is full of "inspired" master pieces.

* Original:

Original means in the "antique" jargon that the object presented is positevely certified as produced at the time indicated and with the prescribed ingredients by the right producer. Antique does not mean original as an expensive jewellery piece of last century could have been copied, in the same years, with less important materials .

* Fake:

A fake is a copy made with the fraudolentous intention to be mistaken as an original with the goal to be sold at the same price of an original. Fakes are mainly found for articles that achieve important prices on the art market and where the request, especially from non-connaisseurs, is high.

Painting is a popular fake territory.

As a conclusion, just remember that what really matters is the pleasure you take owning, touching, seeing the objects that you like and that good handwork is even more difficult to find today than it was a century ago.

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