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"AK & CIE" history by Senses-ArtNouveau.com

"AK & CIE"


Austrian metalwork production company

The metal ware production company "AK & CIE" (Albert Köhler u. Cie) was founded by Albert Köhler in Vienna around 1880.

In 1900, the German metal ware company WMF -Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik- acquired "AK & CIE" and continued to produce and distribute on the Austrian Market the WMF items under the mark "AK & Cie" (until around 1914).

WMF continued to use the companies it had acquired and the metal ware they were producing on their own markets, therefore the same objects were produced and distributed under different brands: on the Antique market, items marked "WMF" are considered to be on the same quality level of those marked "AK & Cie", "ORION" or "ORIVIT".

The decorative pieces from "AK & CIE", as well as those from "WMF", are highly sought after today and are prized by collectors throughout the world.

the AK & CIE Collection by Senses Art Nouveau

CLICK HERE to see our AK & CIE Collection items

Major works:

- AK & Cie floral tray
- AK & Cie Twin compartment tray
- AK & Cie Candelabra

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