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GUIMARD, Hector GUIMARD biography by Senses-ArtNouveau.com



French architect, furniture designer and crafts artist

Hector Guimard was born in Lyon, France, but he studied decorative arts and architecture in Paris, where he later established his own practice. Inspired by some of the new architectural theories circulating in late 1800s, he produced some exceptional avant-garde works. In particular, the radical ideas of French architect Viollet-le-Duc and the sinuous architecture of Belgian Victor Horta greatly influenced his designs.

Hector GUIMARD's portrait

In 1895, after visiting the first Art Nouveau building, Victor Horta's "Hotel Tassel" in Brussels, Guimard proceeded to a complete re-evaluation of his artistic approach; furniture and interior decoration of a house had to become parts of a total work of art. From 1898 to 1905 he designed and created the station entrances of Paris subway " Le Métropolitain"; they were a fabulous expression of Art Nouveau, the new art, which was discovered during the 1900 World Exposition in Paris.

The architectural and decorative works of Hector Guimard are characterized by fluid, unusual lines, vibrant curves inspired by nature, essential shapes underlined by light and contrast of the different materials used, such as wood, iron and stone. They are the most representatives of the organic and floral Art Nouveau Style in France, and his would later be known as the "Guimard Style".

a typical Metropolitain Entrance in Paris by Hector Huimard

Major works:

Castel Béranger, Paris, France (1894-1898)
Hotel Guimard, Paris (1912)
Metropolitain entrances, Paris (1899-1905)


All the Metropolitain Entrances in Paris

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