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Hugo LEVEN biography by Senses-ArtNouveau.com



German designer

Hugo Leven studied at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf and was soon active on the international market.
The items he designed (candlesticks, tableware, jewelry) are typical of the JUGENDSTIL style and are still in production.

Collection Jugendstil par Senses Art Nouveau

See our JUGENDSTIL Collection

Hugo Leven, in parallel with his position at the Zeichenakademie in Hanau, produced a large serie of elegant objects and jewelry in silver of very high quality all typical of the Jugendstil.
He became art director of the German metalware company J.P. Kayser & Sons, producing the famous pewters Kayserzinn but worked also for the Kreuter Company in Hanau.

Hugo LEVEN collection by Senses Art Nouveau

See our Hugo LEVEN collection

His innovative vision was to influence the students and but also the teachers of Hanau.
Among his students many would have become part of the Jugendstil movement as: Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Christian Dell, Wiwen Nilsson and Herbert Zeitner.

While he was teaching the industrial way of producing objects, he himself favoured the unique piece handcrafted by hand.

Almost all of his original works and papers have dissapeared in the World War II. Only fragments remain available today to understand and appreciate the great talent of Hugo Leven.

Major works:

KAYSERZINN by J.P. Kayser & Sons: candlestick.
KAYSERZINN by J.P. Kayser & Sons: 'bat' candelabra, c.1904.
KAYSERZINN by J.P. Kayser & Sons: round tray with bees.

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