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LOETZ, LOETZ biography by www.Senses-Artnouveau.com



Austrian Glassmaking firm

Loetz, was founded in 1836 by Johan Loetz in Klostermuhle, Bohemia, which was within the Austro-Hungarian empire during most of its period of operation and was specialized in making high-quality art glass.
In 1898, after several years of experimentation with variations in firing, the Company patented a technique to produce the deep blue or gold metallic luster for which Loetz is known all over the world.

But it is with Art Nouveau, that Loetz entered on the world scene.
At the world Exhibition of Paris in 1900, Loetz shared the first prize with other famous Art Nouveau glassware makers as Tiffany, Gallé and Daum.

Although many view Loetz glass as an attempt to emulate Tiffany, it was the other way round, with the American Tiffany to be impressed by Loetz wares.

Loetz iridescent glass vase

From 1903, many Viennese artists worked for the company, which included Koleman MOSER and Josef HOFFMANN as other members of the Wiener Werkstätte. The principal staff designer for Loetz between 1903 and 1914 was Maria Kirschner, who was born in Prague but studied and practiced in Paris and Berlin.

But that was not enough to revive the company that after many financial difficulties was dissolved in 1939.

Typical of Loetz glassware is the special iridiscence that gives to most of their glassware a "special touch" of colour and surface. Loetz also pioneered the use of electrolytic deposit techniques, patenting many processes.
Typical of Art Nouveau glasses are also the inventive forms used by Loetz many inspired by Persian and Roman glasses. Other motives are found in Nature as the original "goose-neck" vases or the peackock green and blue iridescence are always popular.

another type of iridescent Loetz glass

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