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senses art nouveau: "Feedback Comments from Buyers received by Senses Art Nouveau"

Read the Feedback Comments from Buyers received by Senses Art Nouveau

Our customers all over the world have judged the quality of our products, our shop and on-line catalogue as well as the reliability of the service we provide.

They have also given their thoughts and comments on what they think of our web site www.SENSES-ARTNOUVEAU.COM and of on our Senses Art Nouveau Shopping store in Brussels (Belgium), the capital of Art Nouveau.


* I have received today my order. The necklace is lovely and so nicely presented. Many thanks.
H.S. (Copenhagen, DK)

VENEZIA NOVECENTO NECKLACE, twisted dark red glass beads, item 00957

* I just wanted to let you know that the shipment arrived safely. Thank you for your prompt service and for the presentation of the item. The gift-wrap is lovely and I am sure that my friend will be very happy with her present.
L.T. (South Florida, USA)

Small Plate WMF: butterfly, item 01006

* Dear Senses,
Thanks, everything went smoothly. All participants were happy about this fine gift.
J.L. (Brussels, Belgium)

HORTA LIQUOR GLASSES in Senses Art Nouveau gift box, item 00931

* The beautiful bracelet arrived safely today. We are very happy and it's really very beautiful. Thank you very much.
S.V. (Veresdale, Australia)

Art Nouveau Silver bracelet large Dragonfly, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 01954

* The scarves are magnificent and original and I've very much appreciated the beautiful gift wrapping, which was part of the pleasure of my discovery!
I really thank you for your kindness and for your fast delivery services. I am really delighted!
L.B.(Geneva, Switzerland)

Pleated Silk Scarves, Senses Art Nouveau, item 01815, color blue - grey

* I've just received your package.Thank you very much, it really looks great.
M.Z. (Vlissingen,Netherlands)

Art Nouveau Necklace, 2 leaves and pearl, Senses Art Nouveau, item 01951

* Hello! The package arrived safe and sound on Friday and the decanter was very nice. Thanks.
P.M.S. (Sogndal, Norway)

1900 Decanter, Crystal with  Belgian pewter decoration, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 00147

* Just to let you know, the gift has arrived safely in Australia and has made my parents very happy. Many thanks,
A-M.E. (Australia)

* The shipment arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for your assistance. Best Regards.
J.L. (USA)

* Thank you so much. The Fairy pendant is perfect. My partner loves it. You do wonderful work.
L.O. (Vermont, USA)

Art Nouveau Enamelled Pendant/Brooch, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 01970

* Yes I did received the article on the 26th and how nice it was packed !! A real present, thank you very much for it, Kind regards,
R.G. (The Hague, The Netherlands)

* After my visit to your nice shop in Brussels, I told all my friends about it and we will for sure order a few gifts from your website. Thanks.
G.F. (Oxford, United Kingdom)

* The art-nouveau vase I ordered has now arrived and it was a delightful gift for my friends' wedding! Thank you.
H.G. (London, United Kingdom)

WMF VASE, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 01159

* My order arrived today and is in perfect shape. The gift wrapping is so beautifully done too. Thank you so much.
J.P. (Westlake,USA)

* Our annual conference was a great succes and all our invitees were thrilled to receive the lovely gift boxed Murano glass stoppers we have offered them. Thanking you, we look forward to next year conference gifts!!
P.V. (Brussels, Belgium)

* The wine decanter and vase 1900 arrived in time for to our friends' wedding in Spain. Many thanks, these presents was very much appreciated by everyone.
M.R. (Bruxelles, Belgique)

* The shipment just arrived. Very, very beautiful scarf. Thank you!!
R.V.V. (The Netherlands)

* I have just received the pleated silk scarf and my mother was surprised and delighted! Kind regards,
G.K. (Paris, France)

Pleated silk scarves by Senses Art Nouveau, item 01815

* The loveliest shop in town! We will be back in Brussels for our Christmas shopping!
Best wishes.
L.T. (London, United Kingdom)

* After visiting the Art Nouveau exhibition in Palais des Beaux Arts, we discovered your superb Shop "just around the corner"! Great scarves, jewellery and wonderful athmosphere...we are definitely coming back in Brussels this summer.
B.D. (London, United Kingdom)

Senses Art Nouveau Shopping Store in Brussels, Belgium

* The art nouveau waiter has now arrived. Thank you so much, it is really beautiful.
J.G. (Los Angeles, USA)

Art Nouveau waiter created  by Arcibald Knox, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 00196

* Many thanks, we have now got the necklace. We will come and see you again.
K.I. (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

* Hello! Yes, the piece did arrive and has been much appreciated. Thanking you
TP (Haarlem, The Netherlands)

* I have received the corks and holder, thank you very much
L.Z. (Warszawa,Poland)

WMF STOPPERS COLLECTION, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 01973

* Our visit in Brussels is a wonderful memory and, of course, we have already told all our friends about your wonderful shop. No doubt, we will be back. Regards.
M.I. (Salisbury, United Kingdom)

* Thank you. The earrings and necklace have arrived this Thursday and I will definitely also order the brooch on your sales website.
J.I. (Wellington, New Zeland)

Art Nouveau Enamelled  Earrings, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 02389 Art Nouveau Enamelled Necklace, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 02388 Art Nouveau Enamelled Brooch, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 02674

* The Mirror was received safe and sound. My wife is delighted with it. Many thanks.
P.A. (London, United Kingdom)

WMF EASEL MIRROR, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 01161

* Dear Senses: I received the scarf this past Saturday.
Thank you so much, it is really beautiful. Regards,
C.H. (New Rochelle, USA)

* Hi. Everything arrived safely yesterday. Thanks very much for your help,
R.W. (West Wickham, United Kingdom)

* Nous avons bien reçu le 12 verres Horta en état impéccable.
Merci et à la prochaine commande.
F.L. (Québec, Canada)

HORTA COLLECTION, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 01057

* Merci infiniment!
R.D. (LONDON, United Kingdom)

* Je vous confirme avoir bien reçu ma commande et vous remercie.
Bonne continuation. Cordialement,
C.S. (ATHIS-MONS, France)

* Dear Senses-ArtNouveau, today the beautiful mini-bag arrived.
Thank you and sincerely yours
C.K. (Duisburg, Germany)

Art Nouveau mini evening handbag, at Senses Art Nouveau, item 01776

* I received my order and the gift wrapping is very nice. Kind regards.
H.G. (Sao Paolo, Brazil)

* We visited the Art Nouveau exhibition in Amsterdam, found your website and discovered excellent products and art reproductions. well done. greetings
K.VD. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


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